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I am not a real estate agent.  A friend of mine has 62 acres of farm, forest, hunting land for sale in Southeast Ohio.  This is renowned big buck country.  The land is located in desirable Athens County about 17 miles outside of the City of Athens, home of Ohio University.  All types of stores/shopping available.  Why lease someone else's hunting when you can buy land and build your own cabin?  Tim, the owner, can be reached by phone at:  740-541-9635

This land originally belonged to myself from a purchase I made back in the early 1970's.  My buddy bought it and has held the land for a decade or so but is ready to let it go.  He still loves the other 160 acres he owns, which is almost contiguous, and is planning on staying on his place for the foreseeable future.  They have lived there, since the early 70's as well, and raised their family there.  Beautiful hilly land, forest resources.  Has a pond that needs a little rehab on the dam but was gorgeous before part of the dam washed out.  This was because absentee ownership allowed a spillway to remain plugged, not because of a flood.  The pond is nestled between two hills with another ridge in the upstream part forming a slingshot shape.

Land is located on a ridge top, with center ridge running perpendicular and part ridges perpendicular at both sides.  Buoyant ridge-top air unlike the hollows and valleys where dank cool fog messes up the otherwise beautiful, balmy air of evenings and mornings during the spring summer and fall.

I will be posting pictures and getting more information about it as my buddy forwards them on to me.  In the meantime you can email me here.  Again, Tim's phone number is:  740-541-9635